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With change in technology there has been huge change in the method whereby you keep your files. You do not have to carry your important files along with you anymore. There is cloud storage that will allow you to back up your files and you can get them anytime anywhere! Even for business tycoons who wants to make sure that they will get their important files ready anytime finds these cloud storage very helpful. They can get s good cloud storage service and then accessing valuable information is a matter of few minutes or sometimes even seconds.

Cloud storage may sound very handy way to store and preserve your files but finding the best cloud storage is not that easy. There are certain features like cost, security and space that are to be considered before you choose any particular cloud storage. Katfile.com is no doubt one of the best cloud storage services that provide you varied features to help you run your business smoothly. Let’s find out more about it.

What is Katfile.com?
Katfile.com is a file hosting service provider who offers online storage along with other services like remote backup capacity. You can upload and download files from this cloud storage with ease and it is quite secure too. Thus, when you use katfile.com you are assured of the fact that you can host images, audios, files and videos with the help of ot and all this can be done from the same place.

Who finds it most useful?
If you are dealing with different kinds of files that are quite large to be send as an attachment with your emails then katfile.com is your best option. Its remote storage capacity is quite secured and it ensures that the off-site backups are not tampered or any data is compromised by any means. It is possible to access the data with your computer or even if you are on the move you can do that with the help of your smartphone too. Thus, you do not have to carry a flash drive every time you go somewhere.

Types of files you can upload
When you choose katfile.com for upload your information and important documents it is obvious that you must know about the types of files that you can upload there. Actually, any type of data can be uploaded there starting from an important agreement to your family photo. However, there is a restriction there that you cannot upload any copyright material as well as any images or data that are of pornography, sexually aligned and nudity.

It’s not that once you have uploaded any file you cannot remove them! If you wish to delete any previous uploaded file you have the option of doing that too. It’s simple to delete a file there; all you require is the delete link that you will get once the upload is completed. Sometimes you may lose the link for delete and then you have to wait for the file expiry when it will be automatically remove from the storage.

Katfile Premium Benefits
Katfile.com is free to use but there is a premium account too. If you wish you can pay and become a premium account holder. As a free user you will have a download speed of 100kbps while it is unlimited for a premium user. Again you can download multiple files at a time as a premium user which is not allowed for free users.
Thus, the premium account will give you certain advantages over the free user account that will make it easier for you to access your files with more ease. There are different plans available you can choose from 30 days, 90 days, or even a lifetime plan. Your files will not be in queue while downloading when you are a premium account holder. You can get a storage of 20GB and of course there will be no ads in between. You files will be kept in the server for one year if you are a premium account holder.

Costs and Payment options
The cost varied for the plan that you choose. As already mentioned free account there is no cost but certain limitations. However if you go for any plan under the premium account then you will have to bear some cost but you will get the advantages as already mentioned in the previous section.

There are mainly four plans, one for 30 days, and another for 90 days. There is one plan for 365 days and another life time plan. Based on your requirement and budget you can choose any one of these plans.
You must remember that once you are in premium account all your transactions become encrypted and they are secure.

You will get a multiple option when it comes to payment options available. Like MasterCard, visa cards are accepted along with Bitcoin, PayPal and others. Thus, you have a choice to choose while paying.

You will be uploading your important documents and hence it is important that you check the security features of katfile.com. They use TLS protocol that ensures that any data that is transferred from any device to the cloud storage is safe and secure. The data are encrypted making them secure while in transit and even while they are in storage. Thus, you do not have to worry about security.

No doubt there are so many features but there are certain cons of katfile too. You will not be able to search any file that is stored by others. However, for many it is a security feature and is very helpful. Actually, katfile allows you to share your files with a limited number of people.

Final Words
To end the note it can be said that katfile.com is quite a handy cloud storage system that allows you to store and access your data. It has two accounts like free and premium. If you cannot afford premium any issues, use their free account for storing your files. There are no issues with security as they encrypt data so that they are not easily accessed by others.

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